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The Midland Theatre - MO | Kansas City, Missouri

Kathleen Madigan

Trying to buy tickets to a show for October? This could be just the thing! Comedy fan? Or Just a hardcore Kathleen Madigan fanatic? Whatever the weather, the fall, 2023 states tour is here for you. Kathleen Madigan is renowned for being one of the funniest comedies touring right now and this is set in stone as one of the leading Saturday nights of your whole year.....just think of you and the other half there in stitches this October, its too much to bare! Kathleen Madigan will come to The Midland Theatre Missouri, Kansas City on Saturday 14th October 2023 and entry to the event can be paid for directly from this page today. See the 'GET TICKETS' icon? Click it to book immediately!

After such an eventful few years, we know you want to laugh until your belly aches! Well, we have something funny as a surprise for you! Kathleen Madigan have announced the new USA tour for fall, 2023! Wonderful news isn't it!? The media call it the 'greatest comedy of times', so we think its apt for you to visit the show and laugh until you feel a size pack coming on. Laughter should be shared in great company there is nothing quite like experiencing something funny with people you love! This is definitely going to be the unrivaled comedy of October and maybe event the year...if not of all times! A really exciting part of the evening is the fact Kathleen Madigan will be playing at the unbelievable The Midland Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday 14th October 2023! Now you have all the details its time to buy your tickets! Click the buy link above this instant!

Kathleen Madigan at The Midland Theatre - MO

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