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The Midland Theatre - MO | Kansas City, Missouri


Dust off your cowboy boots because you're on the verge of a two-step dance throughout the night this fall! Care to take a guess on the remarkable country artist heading the performance? Heilung is making its way to Kansas City, Missouri, and our level of excitement knows no bounds! With every single tune of the guitar and passionate lyrics, Heilung is set to spirit you away to the untamed, wild wild west!

Heilung happens to be one of the top country singers currently. Gaining traction across the nation, hit melody after hit tune, Heilung truly emerges as a powerful influence to be dealt with in the realm of country music. Their songs present a mixture of strong vocals and resounding percussion, crafting the optimal recipe for country music. Heilung is set for a much-awaited showing at the The Midland Theatre on Friday November 2023 - ensure you're ready for this! Round up all your pals and inform them you're coming to the most sizzling country show of the season! Acquire your admission passes right away by just choosing 'GET TICKETS' before they vanish!

Country music enthusiasts should never miss Heilung. For those that have ventured there before, they have loved the experience and are always eager to return! In Missouri Heilung is unmatched in quality. Thousands of fans can vouch for the premium service and sound there over the years. The Midland Theatre boasts cutting edge sound and lighting technology. If you cannot find your seat, the cheerful event staff will lead the way. So, the next step is to spring into action and make it happen! If you need to buy a ticket scroll down to the ‘get tickets’ button and click on it to launch the ticket buying process.

Heilung at The Midland Theatre - MO

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