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The Midland Theatre - MO | Kansas City, Missouri

Eric Andre

Eric Andre is rated as the favorite and most hilarious comedy show and is just epic! This is a great opportunity to see for yourself on the fall, 2023 states tour! Now here is all the info you'll need.... 1.) Bring a few fellow comedy fans , you may as well laugh in unison, right? 2.) Hosted by The Midland Theatre, Missouri, Kansas City on Tuesday 3rd October 2023, and 3.) Book your entry directly from this site....follow the 'GET TICKETS' icon for one heck of a funny Tuesday night you'll have in the longest time, October is looking LIT! You are in for a REAL treat guys and gals!

Comedy lifts your spirits without you asking, and there is an excellent comedy lined up just for you! If you have heard of the world famous Eric Andre thats great, if you haven't then even better! Because watching this comedy legend for the first time is a force to be reckoned with! Eric Andre, touring again for fall, 2023 and critics cannot get enough, the internet is going crazy and fanatics are buying tickets in frenzy! This is hilarious and everybody loves it, what a way to spend an evening, laughing so much you cry! The funny, funny evening will take place on Tuesday 3rd October 2023, at the awe-inspiring The Midland Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri, perfect for a night of comedy and the unrivaled in the state for this type of event! There are only limited tickets available, so if you haven't already then, now is your chance. You can book right from this page, just press buy right now!

Eric Andre at The Midland Theatre - MO

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